About Us

Although beekeeping began as a part-time interest, Luke and I quickly realized that there is too much work for just the two of us (especially considering that we were hungry for more!)

As we recruited family members to help, they fell in love with the bees also.

Garth (my dad) is our main construction guy and caretaker of the apiaries.

Our two boys, Max and Eli, have their own suits and help us in the yard (however, they will proudly say that their specialty is tasting the product for quality control!)

Luke’s brother, Josh, has become integral with all aspects and he spends many of his weekends playing with us in the bee yards and honey house.

My God-sister, Liz, helps with the front end. She can be found right by my side at all fairs and markets that we do, excitedly explaining to anyone who will listen, all about the honey-making and collecting process.

Now we find that we can’t keep family away and we couldn’t be happier! From construction to bee care to harvest to consumption we get quality time together and the BEST that those hard-working bees have to offer!